Consulting Services

• Design, analysis and optimization of electric motors;
• Transformer performance analysis;
•Analysis of railway systems, including gait simulation, electrical simulation and leakage current calculation;
• Calculation of electric and magnetic field generated by transmission lines (Normative Resolution 398 of ANEEL);
• Calculation of electric and magnetic field in substations;
• Study of interference and thermal analysis in umbilical cables used in oil exploration;
• Electrical field analysis in power cables;
• Evaluation of air discharge protection systems;
• Grounding project;
• Traffic study and simulation.

Systems Development for Smart Cities

• Data Analytics and Big Data;
Processing and analysis of data, including for a huge volume of different information, at the appropriate speed and within the right time frame to allow real-time analysis and reaction.

• Software development;
Customized software development according to customer demand with a focus on engineering.

• BI - Business Intelligence;
Realization of data collection, pre-processing and creation of interactive panels for monitoring information aimed at management decision making.

• Applications involving Artificial Intelligence.

Development of models based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning for various applications, such as risk management, logistics, customer profile analysis, computer vision, etc.