About Us



With almost 30 years of experience, ELECTROMAG offers to the market the best solutions in engineering, always according to the needs of each client. Whether in projects, consultancies or engineering software development and supply. Agility, quality and innovation are a constant in the preparation of our work.

Our team is formed by highly qualified professionals with different expertise, which gives ELECTROMAG the know-how to work in complex projects, always offering the maximum technological resources available in the market.

Our performance takes place on three fronts:
• Engineering consulting services
• Systems development
• Commercial representation of engineering software


Apply the best techniques and technologies to engineering challenges, with a commitment to support our customers in innovative and sustainable solutions.


To be recognized as a reference in engineering solutions in the national and international market.


Our conception of life is based on integrity, dedication, commitment and sustainability, reflecting this essence in our work.


How it all started

Created in 1994, ELECTROMAG came to the market to represent in Brazil FLUX, an electromagnetic simulation software, developed by CEDRAT, a French high-tech company.

Over time, we realized that the country was extremely lacking in high complexity engineering solutions. We then decided to expand our representation, with contracts with the most important companies in the world, such as Altair Engineering, which to this day remains in our portfolio, and PSCAD and the entire family of innovative software and solutions of its company.

The highly specialized training of the ELECTROMAG team allowed us to expand our operations, with projects and consultancies using computational tools for the development of machines and electrical equipment, calculation of electromagnetic fields, grounding projects and simulations of electrical power systems, metrorail traction and multimodal traffic.

New phase

The year 2022 marks a new moment in the history of ELECTROMAG, with the union with ANTON Engenharia e Urbanismo. The combination of the expertise of the two companies allows to add to the portfolio of ELECTROMAG, technological innovations in the development of products in the area of smart cities, mainly for urban mobility, and environment, drawing up complete plans of engineering and technology integration, always applied to the well-being of all.